House is the founder and Director of arrradio.

Recalling fond memories as a typical youngster, bouncing off the walls with his siblings to the smooth grooves of the ’70s, House was raised in a loving and supportive family. He was self-taught to play a range of musical instruments before training as an audio engineer, graduating from the Australian Audio Academy in ’86 which led to him becoming an aspiring singer-songwriter. Although he admits to not having much luck breaking into the early eighties music scene in his hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, his passion for the sweet sounds of Soul and R&B still reverberates throughout his personal music collection. House soon turned his attention to the DJ circuit with a love of music that saw him fine-tune his skills, lending his ear to the developing sounds of Soul, R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, and Dance. A self-confessed Disco junkie, the scene in mid ’80s to early ’90s catered perfectly to his taste in dance music and the growing clubbing scene. House felt that he finally came into his element with the discovery of house music.

A self-confessed Disco junkie

By the turn of the millennium, House devoted his time to research inequality and governance. A brief stint at running for local office, it was the financial system that drew his attention given the obvious disparity between the classes, prompting an investigation into money, how it is created and distributed, leaving him extremely perplexed. Not one to shy from confrontation, however naive at the time, he challenged the banking system in court. Realizing the gravity of the situation, he tucked his tail between his legs, took one for the team, and moved on.

he challenged the banking system in court

By 2013, a little known algorithm had attracted his attention. A quick delve into its mission objective and robust architecture reassured House that his fight for a sound monetary system was not in vain. Forming a global crew of 12 executives, House led a charge into the crypto-sphere with a band of merry men, hoping to calm the turbulence. Serving as a lighthouse, the objective was to faithfully navigate the ever-changing carnival of crypto projects by providing in-depth research, articles, and analysis. After 5 years and countless scams, he shut down the enterprise but remains fully supportive of bitcoin and only one other very new privacy project that remains a hidden gem as of this writing.

remains fully supportive of bitcoin

Over the past 10 years, House’s eyes have remained open to the historical and still building tensions around slavery and racism. Another bout of dedicated research took him on an adventure through time, recording, and documenting his findings. He came face to face with a personal connection to the slave trade after unveiling the practices of BlackBirding in the South Pacific while uncovering his ancestral heritage and building his family’s genealogical record.

A passionate but gentle-natured person nowadays, House looks more toward the better nature of humanity’s progress admitting that he has spent more than his fair share of time at the helm, fighting against injustice and inequality.

Favorite quote:

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor



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